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Transportation for brides in Sao Paulo

Can you imagine spending more time with your loved one when you arrive at your destination in total comfort and safety?

                          Dream! A Black Cars take you!

Single and daily packages, tailored to your needs

                                       Wife's day

System takes and back and daily, for you to fulfill your dream in style and with peace of mind. 

  • From home to beauty salon

  • From the beauty parlor to the church

  • From the church to the ceremony site to the ballroom

  • From the ceremony to the airport or hotel after the wedding. (optional)

 becauseyou deserves it!

SP Executive Transportation
Transport for events in São Paulo

Debutantes or Guests

Whether for newlyweds, guests or debutantes, Blackcars has the best vehicles and qualified professionals.



     Surprise! Go Black Cars !

Don't give up your peace of mind and security to friends or relatives invited to the party, this can make him not enjoy the party or even worse, generate a tragedy due to drinks or tiredness. Hiring a reliable transport company, in addition to a safety item, offers you sanitized cars, with up-to-date service and a properly dressed and well-rested professional ready to serve the bride and groom regardless of destination.


Enjoy the party and come be moved by a Passion, move with Black Cars !

Executive Transport
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