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Who we are
Black Cars - Vehicle rental with bilingual drivers in São Paulo and Executive Transport.
We operate in the executive transport market in São Paulo since 2014 in order to provide our customers with quality, comfortable and safe work.

There are several Executive Transport Companies in the market in São Paulo, that's why  it's good to keep your eyes open regarding the safety, quality and comfort requirements that each one of them offers.

We only operate with latest generation executive vehicles with all safety standards, we have APP insurance for all drivers and passengers, Vehicles with documentation, insurance and up-to-date maintenance.

We work with well-dressed and educated bilingual drivers to serve all customers in a professional, safe and effective manner.

We have Bilingual receptionists at the main airports in São Paulo, we do receptions at airports, bus stations, hotels, companies, ports, homes in general.

We bill for companies registered with us and that have more than five years of active CNPJ upon analysis, we issue invoice, bank slip and receipts.

We work with individuals but payment must be made at the time of service or in advance by deposit and bank transfer, we do not do services billed to individuals (our cars have a card machine and receipts to facilitate payment).

We work with a minimum schedule of five hours.
For the safety of all SP Executive Transport jobs that need to leave or arrive at dawn, scheduling must be done in advance.
Transporte Executivo SP
Transporte Executivo em São Paulo
Transporte Executivo SP
Transporte Executivo em São Paulo
Transporte Executivo SP
Transporte Executivo em São Paulo
Transporte Executivo SP
Transporte Executivo em São Paulo

We have highly qualified professionals, with ethics, responsibility and honesty, always maintaining transparency in all relationships.

We have a serious and strict commitment to our business partners, providing smart solutions, taking into account local traffic and weather, ensuring comfort and safety in all trips.

Our mission:

Offer the best experience for our customers, contributing to prosperity, generating satisfactory results for the partnership.


Our vision:

Provide comfort, security, discretion and tranquility, offering our customers a lasting relationship, focused on mutual growth.


Our values:

Excellence in the services provided, care and respect for people, integrity, ethics, transparency, discipline and commitment to success in all relationships.

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